By Jack Martin on Jul 10, 2023 at 04:52 PM

Good Saturday morning, 

It should be a fairly nice weekend with temps near normal. 
mid 80s in Santa Ynez and low 70s in SB. 

Winds last night is keeping the coastal fog out of SB this morning, but many other coastal areas are seeing fog to start the day 

A weak dry system will roll thought today, not affecting our weather much for the weekend. 

Next week we will see warming temps with a heatwave in the interiors. 

As the week progresses it will get warmer, starting out in the 70s to 80s then warming.

Coastal SB it looks like some marine layer will hang around, but not as long as we have seen of late.  
Santa Ynez valley, you’re going to get warm, upper80s to mid 90s. 
Interior, Bakersfield etc just hot with temps over 100 degrees. 
It is summer now and the mercury will be climbing for some months to come. 

It is always interesting listening to the national news when they talk about how hot it is out there… record breaking temp, hottest day on earth …. 😂 I laugh because they are not talking about our area, it has been a very cool summer and spring this year. 
Enjoy just a nice weekend 

Jack Martin

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