By Jack Martin on Jul 05, 2023 at 04:28 PM

Happy 5 of July, it’s Wednesday and the start of the work week for some. 
I hope all had a good Fourth of July.

Interesting weather in Santa Barbara yesterday where the sun didn’t come out until after lunch, and the Mercury only in the 60s. It was cold here. 

In contrast, the valleys were hot and are coming off a heat wave... 90s and above for the past week. 

If you live in the valley you’re gonna like the changes because the highs today will only be 81°. Along the coast another chilly day, high of 68.

Thursday very little change more of the same, Gaviota will get some wind Thursday night.

Friday not a lot to change. Sundowner winds in Santa Barbara Friday night.

Saturday, good news, all the wind will likely drive to fog off the coast and we will have a sunny day, highs will be in the mid 70s.

Sunday we start to warm up. Matter of fact next week is looking hotter past holiday weekend for at least the valleys, deserts, and lakes.

Along the coast, you will be very happy, because mid 70s will prevail. Valleys 90s  to 100 plus. Record temps in Simi Valley is 110+

It’s going to be a full-pledged heatwave for inland areas. Next week will definitely put a strain on the grid and raise your air conditioning bills. We’ll see the first high demand period for electricity. With some power outages in areas are likely.

Enjoy the fun, summer has arrived...
the cold along the coast will be a distant memory. 
The Pacific Ocean is your friend next week. 

Thank goodness I have Solar and backup batteries 😄

Jack Martin

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