By Jack Martin on Jul 05, 2023 at 04:24 PM

Happy 4th of July,

I Dont know about you, but the 4th of July on a Tuesday does not seem right.
Work on Monday then you have today off . Not for me, I am working.

Last night I was on the outside deck loving Santa Barbara. As much as many hate the fog in SB, 74 degrees at 7:30 pm is just fine with me.

Yesterday I had to run up to santa Ynez, it was a great drive. The lake is full and the views are fantastic. As I climbed the Pass it was 73 degrees on the ocean side, 90 degrees in just minutes.

I really could only know this by looking at my thermometer on my truck, but when I arrived and opened my door, I felt it , that’s too hot for me.

I will stick with the Fog, and my views from my house in the evenings.

Today, good news for the valleys. A cool down is starting. Highs will only be in the 80s. Santa Barbara on the other hand has even a deeper marine layer. If you want sun and 85 , take the drive I had yesterday. Otherwise a sweatshirt and beach walk sounds pretty nice. Got to love the natural air conditioner called the Pacific Ocean.

Wednesday, and back to work for most. Another cool day for all. Highs in the 70s along the coast and 80s in the valleys.

Beyond that, we are looking at a very slight warm up into the weekend. Not much change, but great California weather.

Next week, long term models are advertising another heatwave for valleys.

No one needs heat, humidity or bugs that you get East of the Rockies.

Enjoy your 4th of July, however you are celebrating!

Jack Martin

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Thanks for the nice job you did on my house. My tenant appreciated how considerate and efficient your team was and commented on the excellent job they did. My husband and I went up to inspect the job yesterday, and we were very pleased.
Ann Schied