By jack martin on Jun 29, 2023 at 04:37 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

The month is coming to a close, and it looks like it will end on a good note and warmer weather. If you love 80s along the coast and 90 to 100 in the valleys you’re gonna like this forecast.

Today high pressure is building and temps will be on the rise. 

Starting on Friday, we will really start to warm up lasting through Monday. Along the coast, we’ll see mostly sunny skies with the exception of Catalina, where there’s going to be some clouds.

Everyone will start to see warmer temperatures throughout the weekend through Sunday for sure possibly Monday.

For your Fourth of July, which is Tuesday by the way, it looks like we will start to cool down, but still in the 70s coastal and 80s in the valleys.

If you are heading to the lake, Nascimento or San Antonio, you’ll be in triple digits throughout the entire weekend cooling Tuesday.
This weekend along the beach is gonna be busy, looks like Santa Barbara should get into the low 80s both Saturday, Sunday and possibly Monday. 

It should be a great holiday weekend. I’m sure traffic will ramp up on Friday and then Tuesdays ride home. 

Maybe the fourth on a Tuesday will break up the traffic a little bit. We will see, but the Santa Barbara and central coast will be the spot to enjoy for this holiday.

Have a great day, 
Jack Martin

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