By Jack Martin on Jun 28, 2023 at 03:33 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

It looks like summer weather is going to arrive, especially inland, and in the valleys.

Looking across the country and zoom earth, you can see some weather that’s creating havoc on the East Coast and the first tropical storm in Mexico. This is really just going to drift out to sea, and won't do much, but it shows us that summer has arrived.

For us, still some fog along the coast and clearing as we get into the weekend, it will warm up. The real warm-up is going to be in the valleys Saturday and Sunday, the south Santa Clarita and those areas. Our Santa Ynez Valley will be in the 90s. Coastal will remain nice, but cooler with upper 70s and some morning fog. 

Next week we will continue to have warmer weather through mid week and it’ll cool down the second half. Temps will remain around normal for this time of year the second half of the week. 

It looks like it should be a nice holiday to hang out in Santa Barbara and enjoy the weather and not have to worry about traveling anywhere!

Enjoy the weather, 
Jack Martin 

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