By Jack Martin on Jun 12, 2023 at 04:28 PM

A good wet Sunday morning,

Last night, right around sunset, I looked outside way into the distance I could see a little bit of light trying to break through all the clouds that we had throughout the day.

Today a cut off low it’s just spinning. Just right off our coast to south of conception.

This has produced drizzle and some light rain as you rise out of bed and look outside. You’ll see the streets are all Wet.


Today will be dreary, damp day as the low pressure system moves through this morning. Expect some drizzle , light rain through around noon today then will start to see some build ups over top of the mountains, which can create thunderstorms in the afternoon. It does appear that the thunderstorms will be more to the south. Anyone could see some build ups climb over the mountain this afternoon with thunder and lightning as possible and even hail.

Looking into next week no real changes low clouds and fog will persistent most of the week but a warming trend in the valley should start mid-week. We still have one more cut off low to deal with on Wednesday, but it doesn’t appear that this is going to really affect their weather too much at this point.

A warm up for the valleys and looks like on shore flow maybe less along the coast.

The coastal areas will even get some sunshine in the p.m.

Bottom line, enjoy one more day of cloudy down weather with below normal temps

Jack Martin

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Thank you for a job well done and for being such nice people that I knew I could trust. I am also very grateful for the senior discount. Thank you so much.
Muriel Taggart