By Jack Martin on Jun 12, 2023 at 04:19 PM

Good Saturday morning,

Cloudy, cool, damp are all the words of the day.

A second low pressure system is drop down and it’s now parked over the central coast. This is going to affect the weather today to the north of our area. Not a huge impact to the north, but it will work its way down towards Santa Barbara and LA tonight and through Sunday


As you rise this morning you see lots of clouds. These is going to fill our weekend skies. There is a chance of rain today, but the best chance will be tonight and tomorrow with Santa Barbara and South. Los Angeles will run the greatest chance of heavier rain, but both Ventura and Santa Barbara counties will see Mountain thunderstorms tonight through Sunday... this Low spin counterclockwise as you can see in the satellite picture. Whenever we have this type of system, rain over the mountains in Santa Barbara become more likely. The water values are 2 to 3 times what they typically are this time of year and 1 to 1.2 inches in value.

This again is quite unusual for June, but this pattern seems to want to just continue into the summer. It’s hard to believe that first day of summer is in 11 days,  it feels like the winter has just continued.

Today is cloudy and cold highs in the 60s rain chances 30 to 40%

Sunday cloudy and cool rain chances 40 to 50% 

Monday the system begins to move to the east.

Tuesday it looks like our weather should improve a bit,  but another cut off low on Wednesday.

Yes, another chance of rain, the system is going to be smaller in size, but the models are beginning to increase the chances of rain on Wednesday.

Looking into the distance for array of sunlight. 

For the third week in June, it looks like high-pressure may begin to build in onshore flow weakens and we begin to see what summer is all about.

In the meantime, not a great weekend if you’d like sunshine, outdoor activities will not be ruined, but a sweatshirt will be in order, and you may be dodging some rain, especially on Sunday.

Have a great weekend I’m sure will be in communication on Sunday   

I might be a good weekend again for spring housecleaning

Jack Martin

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