By Jack Martin on Jun 09, 2023 at 02:44 PM

Good morning from Foggy Santa Barbara,

It is still way better than the East coast where the wild fires in Canada are making life miserable.

For us back here getting rain in June is not usual. The last time we saw rain was June 2015 – .005 of an inch. Before that 2011 – 1.14 inch

And our funky weather is not over yet, we will continue to see fog, damp mornings drizzle, and light rain possible all the way through Sunday along the coast.  Looking up into the mountains calling for a 50% chance of rain on Sunday 40% Saturday. This is due to another low-pressure system that is going to affect us. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-119.64019060134889&lat=34.489013796838194

As it gets closer to the weekend we will see how this all materializes but anyway we look at it it’s going to be damp with light rain possible . As far as mountain rains go this is looking to bring a good chance to inland areas southwest California.

Just read this crazy paragraph:

As the trough moves into the region over the weekend, the air mass

will destabilize. A vast majority of the EPS, GEFS, and CMC

ensemble members have rain at most airports across Southwest

California between Saturday and Sunday, but the timing and exact

amounts are the most uncertain aspects of the forecast. With the

instability with the trough and it being June with a higher sun

angle, a slight chance of thunderstorms was kept for now. Amounts

will vary widely due to convective nature of storms. Forecast

ensemble precipitable water mean values range between 0.60-0.80

inch, or close to 150 to 200 percent of normal, while some

ensemble members throw decent CAPE values over portions of the

region. CMC members kick out decent CAPE values between 600-1200

J/kg over KSDB, KWJF, and KPMD.


Stay tuned, but I guess it’s better than the smoke on the East Coast.  Just look at this before and now picture. Thanks, Mark.

Jack Martin

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