By Jack Martin on Jun 06, 2023 at 04:50 PM

Just another day of crazy weather for 2023. Take a look at the low pressure system, spinning, and dropping some showers over top of various locations. SLO has received 1/2 inch of rain in areas over night.

We have received 1/3 of an inch on San Marcos pass and .13 in SB. With varying amounts in other locations (so far) 


Our rain chances are going to diminish as we get into the morning over the next couple hours however, they will return again in the afternoon over the mountains. Threat of thunder showers remain at around 40%.

Here’s what the activity looks like right now https://radar.weather.gov/station/KVBX/standard

Today cloudy with a chance of rain.

Wednesday, the spinning low moves out of the area, and our weather will start to improve. But not by much.

Thursday, low clouds and fog return and we get into the same June gloom pattern through Friday.

For the weekend, well, it looks like another low pressure system is going to drop down upon us and bring another threat of rain. June rain isn't that crazy. 

Jack Martin



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