By Jack Martin on Jun 05, 2023 at 05:54 PM
Good foggy Sunday morning, 
After a 1 day break from the fog, we are back in the thick of it. 
Through mid week we will be seeing a couple low pressure systems affecting us with just more of the same fog, deeper marine layer, cooler temperatures, and even a very slight chance of rain in the mountains. 
Today the marine layer is about 1750 feet which means afternoon clearing. It will be a cool day. When the fog does clear we’re going to see some clouds over the mountains. 
It’s not likely to create any rain, but a low pressure system is going to pass through tonight. Highs today along the coast 68 and 77 in the valleys . 

On Tuesday will have another low pressure system. Come through this once a little bit stronger bring us a 20% chance of rain in the mountains only coastal areas it’s going to be just foggy and damp. 

Oh, after Wednesday, it looks like we will start to improve our weather some hot spectacularly, but will start to see more sunshine inland along the coast. However, the fog will continue.
Enjoy, it will get hot at some point, until then more of the same.
It was 85 in Santa Ynez yesterday and 71 here. If you want warm, u must cross the pass, but today 10 degrees cooler, but 77 in my eyes is perfect.
Have a great Sunday 

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Thank you. I am very pleased with my roof.
Dorothy Smith