By Jack Martin on May 16, 2023 at 04:17 PM

Good morning,

Pea soup in SB and tropical 🌴 in palm springs . 77 degrees here and 103 for the high. Too 🥵 hot I am coming home to drizzle. Great morning here, but after 1 pm you need to hide indoors.

It is amazing the difference of having a cold Pacific Ocean / air conditioner will do you change the wars there no a short distance.

Look at the zoom earth, you’ll see that high clouds are straining up over the inland areas and the fog along the coast.


This will bring a very slight chance of rain over the inland mountains this afternoon and Wednesday. Maybe will see some high clouds streaming overhead when the fog breaks, but no threat in SB.

This week continues 70s coastal with morning fog, 80s in the valleys and 100 in the deserts. Enjoy the California weather. I might need my winter parka coming home today after a few days in Palm Springs 😂

Jack Martin

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Thanks for the expertise, good job, right price, great attitude, and timing!
David Eldred