By Jack Martin on Apr 28, 2023 at 03:28 PM

Good Friday morning,

The weekend is close, and for some it has arrived. Especially if you work a flex week like the City of Santa Barbara and Action roofing.

Today is an off day for field workers. As they sleep in, and it is all about the fog of the day. The marine layer, like all week, will start us out with fog. https://zoom.earth/maps/satellite/

The good news is high pressure is building in and the marine layer will break up earlier each day. It looks like clearing along the coast will come around lunch time today, and in the Valleys mid-morning

Highs will vary today as simple as 70 coastal, 80 valley and 90 in the desert and lake Nacimiento. Then Saturday will be the warmest day of the week and weekend. Marine layer will be squashed allowing all areas to climb around 5 degrees.

Sunday is still a nice day, but high pressure moves East and a low-pressure system to the North moves into the Pacific Northwest. This will change the weather for next week. The forecast is becoming a little clearer for the first week in May.

Monday the marine layer deepens, and some drizzle and light rain is possible, especially in LA area. It also cools off quite a bit. The warmest inland areas can see temps drop 15 degrees.

Tuesday the low drops south bringing everyone a chance for rain North to south. Rain is likely Tuesday night through Wednesday night, then Wednesday afternoon into Thursday in LA.

At this point it looks like the heaviest rain will be in LA where 1 to 2 inches are possible. Here in SB less rain, but still likely. It is still too hard to call with how much, but for now we will go with ½ coastal to an inch in the mountains.

That’s still crazy for this time of year, but it will be nothing like the winter months. There are still models that vary the rain, so this is nothing to count on until we get into Sunday and Monday .

All we can count on is cooler weather along the coast and warmer in the Valleys. If you want 80s, drive to Santa Ynez on Saturday and hit a winery.

Otherwise, a few good western playoff games tonight with Golden state at 5pm and lakers at 7:30 pm tonight.

Have a nice weekend.

Updates to come!

Jack Martin

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Thank you for the kindness and personal interest you showed a couple of old folks that desperately needed good advice on our roof project.
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