By Jack Martin on Apr 27, 2023 at 03:22 PM

Good Thursday morning,

There has been lots of chatter out there about next weeks weather, and possible May rain.

We are looking at a nice warm up through the weekend, especially in the valleys. Then next week it all changes back to March weather.

Let’s start with the now forecast, then we will get into the extended forecast.

As you can see the low clouds and fog has been persistent along the coast which will keep the temps down right along the coast.

Last night at my house the fog started to roll in at 6 Pm and has thickened overnight and has drifted into some of the valleys this morning 

Today we will see clearing in the afternoon along the coast and mid-morning in valleys where fog exists.

Highs today will be in the upper 60s along the coast, but 80 in the valleys. There is high pressure and some northeast winds. 

The winds will vary from northeast to northwest. Northeast means offshore, Northwest on shore. This is why coastal areas will see fog. 

Friday and Saturday the marine layer will shrink along the coast and clearing will occur earlier. Highs along the coast Friday and Saturday will be in the low to mid 70s. If you want warmer just go over the hill in the Santa Ynez Valley where mid 80s are likely. If you want hot, go to the desert or Nascimento where 90s are likely, this is all typical spring-early summer weather.

Sunday a strong low moves into the pacific northwest, this will cool us off, but that’s about it.

Monday we will stay cool and maybe even some drizzle as the marine layer deepens.

Tuesday the low moves closer to us, models at this point looks like no rain until Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Wednesday we are looking at some rain, how much is still real widespread and will be defined as we get into the later part of the weekend.

The wettest models suggest we could see 1 to 3 inches, dry models ¼ to ½. Time will tell, but it does look like we can see rain Wednesday and possible Thursday.

Just crazy, as we thought the rainy season as over. Don’t panic yet, just keep an eye on the forecast.

In the meantime enjoy a great weekend!

Jack Martin



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