By Jack Martin on Apr 25, 2023 at 04:24 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

Today we see one more day of fog then the changes are on the right side with warmth, this graphic shows it all https://www.weather.gov/lox/

High pressure will build Wednesday through Sunday and we will see the warm air build each day. Coastal upper 70s to some low 80s Valleys mid to upper 80s with a few sprinkles of 90s  https://zoom.earth/

Lake Nacimiento your summer weather is starting 90s there.

Monday of next week we will look at cooler weather with marine layer, but that is a long way away. The summer-like weather will be the excitement through the week.

How about those Lakers last night in overtime. That old man Lebron James was fantastic.

Jack Martin

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Thank you for helping me on the phone with all my questions.
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