By Jack Martin on Apr 24, 2023 at 03:28 PM

Good Monday morning,

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. The weather sure was the best we have had year to date.

Now it is back to work, and we have fog that will keep us cooler to start the days. This is great working weather, which will keep us cooler.

Highs will still be in the 70s, but not to warm. https://zoom.earth/ here is how it looks from the sky.

Looks like fog will stick around for the first half of the week with clearing in the afternoons.

As we get to Thursday, we will begin to warm up with some upper 70s through the rest of the week.

The valleys will have mid 70s this week with some low 80s later in the week.

Enjoy the week and perfect working weather.

Jack Martin

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Thank you for your great job on the gutter. Now, if it would only rain!
Ray Woolridge