By Jack Martin on Mar 29, 2023 at 05:07 PM

On another rainy day,

Good Wednesday morning, for more rain …. Where the rain has been on the lighter side, it is adding up quickly. In general, the forecast has been right on track, but some higher totals so far.

Basically ranging from .50 to 1.5 inches so far, but climbing. The pass has seen over 1.5 inches. Goleta 0.70, surprisingly Montecito is at 0.47 but climbing now. The big winner so far has been at Rocky Butte with 2.5 inches.

https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/lox/scripts/getlocal.php?prod=LAXRRMSBA  You can see on the satellite that we are just seeing the leading edge of the front which will move past us in the next few hours before we will get a break before the heart of the storm arrives https://zoom.earth/ 

The main low is in Nor Cal and will move south quickly this afternoon, however, we will get a break this morning into mid-afternoon. Where the first part of the storm has been steady with overall light to moderate rainfall. The second wave will be Interesting, with heavier rain likely at times due to cold air, thunderstorms, and south winds. This will arrive later in the afternoon and last into Thursday Morning. The rain will be heavy at times, the total might not be as great as the first wave. We are likely looking at another ½ of an inch, coastal, and another 1 inch in the hills, higher amounts during thunderstorms.

All in all, this storm will over-perform than originally thought. “ That’s the story of this rainy season”.

Snow levels will drop today and bring snow down to 3000 feet tonight. Expect some snow in the local mountains Thursday morning. The system clears out Thursday afternoon and we are looking for a nice weekend, warming each day.

Saturday and Sunday we will warm into the upper 60s with lots of sunshine, and the second dry weekend in a row.

Next week, when the models are still not in agreement. There will be a weak system moving through early next week, but it is looking to be dry or at least weaker.

The good news is Saturday welcomes April, and we are hoping for spring weather and a warmer, drier month.

Enjoy the rain, it is adding up…   

Jack Martin

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