By Jack Martin on Mar 28, 2023 at 01:43 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

Today should be a nice day before more rain arrives tonight. Last night it was a great sunset, it is nice to see later sunsets once again.

Today you can see the spinning low over the Pacific Northwest which will start its move south today  https://zoom.earth/ The only effect this will have today is some high clouds will start to roll in. Rain will start up later tonight from 5 pm to 8 pm ahead of the front.

This will bring rain overnight with light rain only. Rain totals overnight will b around 1/2 inch for most. Wednesday morning the first wave will be through, and there will be some clearing into the afternoon before the stronger, colder part of the storm arrives. This will bring unstable air, and heavier rain at times into Thursday morning. This will bring us some south winds, with the hills in Montecito can see some enhanced rain. Nothing crazy will this system. another 1/2 inch for coastal areas with a total of around 1 inch. mountains and foothills 1 to 2 inches. Nothing crazy, but another wet 36 hours.

Thursday we still can see some showers, but the system will move out by the afternoon. It does not look like the daytime hours Wednesday or Thursday will be a washout. We will see some sun breaks during the day. Most of the construction world will still be able to work both days.

Looking into the weekend we will be cool with a warmup Saturday and dry through at least Sunday. Next week the jury is still out with a few weak systems moving through to the north.

It Is more likely these will stay to the north of the forecast area, but time will tell.

April is near, and hopefully, drier weather will start to prevail.

Jack Martin

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