By Jack Martin on Mar 21, 2023 at 05:19 PM

Here we go again, but today we will see a little of everything with strong south winds, heavy rain followed by cold temps tonight, and lots of snow in the mountains.

The low-pressure system started to bring rain last night and will pick up steam as the day progresses. The parent low is further South than typical, so due to pressure, gradience winds will be strong from the south. https://zoom.earth/

Winds today will be 15 to 30 miles an hour coastal, 30 to 60 in the foothills, and 60 to 75 miles in the mountains. This will lead to numerous trees dropping throughout the area. If you are listening to the news, you know that a tree dropped on the southbound Carrillo st south on the ramp that is now closed.

It is likely many of those fast-growing eucalyptus trees will fall today. The tree trimmer will be quite busy today, along with roofing contractors …..

It seems this has been an endless rainy season, with the heavy rain just starting up now. This will continue until noon then tapper off some. We have seen around ½ to 1 inch so far, but the real rain will fall in the next 6 hours. Coastal we will see 1.5 inches of rain and double that in the mountains. We are expecting 2 to 3 inches coastal, 3 to 6 in the mountains, and possibly more on south-facing mountains.

As far as snow goes snow level will start out at 5000 feet and then drop to 3500 feet tonight. Mountains will see high winds, multiple feet of snow above 5000 feet, and 2 to 10 inches at 3500 feet above tonight. needless to say, being outside in the mountains is not the place to be.

It does look to be a wild day with all the tarps on roofs whipping around. Rain will fall on Wednesday but be more showery on Wednesday.

The bulk of the rain will fall today through noon, afternoon the rain will tapper some.

The good news is after the rain stops on Wednesday; We will see dry weather through Monday. Chilly with only highs in the low 60s. Then Tuesday is another chance of rain. Will this ever stop, well it does not look like the rain will stop in March, The good thing April is right around the corner.

Have a great day in the rain, we will be getting wet on roofs again, please let this stop…soon ….

Here is the radar right now https://radar.weather.gov/station/KVBX/standard


Jack Martin

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Thank you for your prompt response. I am so grateful for what you did. All through the following rain storms I was thanking you. This is what, in my mind, is an incredible business response. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lynn Matis