By Jack Martin on Mar 14, 2023 at 02:18 PM

Wet Tuesday morning,

Here we go, as we wake you will find rain outside. Pearl was not happy about working her way to the rain and wet grass this morning to do her business.

The rain right now is on the lighter side, but the intensity will really pick up around 10 am at the skies open with heavy rain throughout the rest of the day and tonight. https://www.weather.gov/wrh/TextProduct?product=laxqpslox

2 to 5 inches coastal, 4 to 8 inches in the foothills, and over 8 inches in the mountains. These are just some crazy numbers.

I just read the National weather service forecast discussions. the wording was Greek for most of you.  

The biggest item that I got out of this is we will have a big storm with clouds topping at 34,000 feet.

The low-pressure system this morning is pushing south and combining with the sub-tropical moisture.

With all the ground completely saturated and the heavy rains and winds.  We are going to see the creeks turning to rapids with trees, power lines down, and slides in numerous areas.

I am still amazed at this rainy season’s weather, which just does not go away. The models have shifted to a wet pattern continuing for the next week.

Friday afternoon into the weekend, we will see a weaker system with ¼ to ½ inches of rain. Dry weather for the first 2 days next week then “OMG” another AR will bring us rain midweek.

This also looks to be a good rainmaker at this point, but time will tell. The only good news after almost 3 weeks of on-and-off rain in March is we will likely get into a dry pattern for the rest of March, then April arrives where we generally will have drier weather . “let’s put this rainy season behind us “ California has really been hammered with rain and snow this season.

Just look at lake Tahoe with the snowpack at the #3 year on record and after today they will be #2 which was in 1982,  41 years ago.

https://snowbrains.com/651-currently-3rd-snowiest-winter-ever-recorded-in-lake-tahoe-ca-and-theres-more-coming/  “(Thanks Adam for this info)

Here is the Zoom earth shot from the sky, you will see the big blob heading right at is https://zoom.earth/#view=45.3,-108.1,4z/map=live

That’s it for now, get ready for a wild day.

I will likely give some updates during the day as the strongest part of the storm arrives

Jack Martin

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Your crew was excellent and you trained them well. They were great to work with. We are so glad we chose you to do our roof.
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