By Jack Martin on Mar 10, 2023 at 05:40 PM

Good Friday morning and another wet day,

So far, we have seen anywhere from ½ inch to 1 inch of rain. Rocke Butte In SLO has seen more than 5 inches so far.

As you can see the AR is in SLO now and will sag south slowly throughout the day.


This is going to bring heavy rain to our area today and tonight https://www.weather.gov/wrh/TextProduct?product=laxqpslox 

Rain rates are going to be ½ to 1 inch per hour for us. In SLO there are values of 1.5 inches per hour. The heaviest rain for us is still to come later today.

Rain totals are in line with the original forecast of 2 to 4 inches here, 5 to 8 in SLO, and more than 10 inches in higher elevations in SLO.

Rain will start to break up Saturday, with some sun and showers.

Sunday and Monday will be dry with some warming.

Tuesday through Thursday we are still looking at another strong storm with 1 to 3 more inches of rain.

Hopefully, we will start spring soon with dryer weather and 70s.

Stay tuned.

Turn those clocks ahead Saturday night before you go to be if you don’t have a smart clock.    

1 hour of less sleep, but the sun stays up 1 hour longer in the evenings.  

Jack Martin

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