By Jack Martin on Jan 29, 2023 at 05:44 PM

Good Sunday morning, 
Chilly, cool and cloudy are the words of the day. As the day progresses we have a chance of some light rain mainly in the afternoon and evening then overnight. We will see some additional rain with approximately 1/4 inch or less along the coast and up to 3/4 of an inch in the mountains.  Today will be quite chilly with temperatures 5° to 10° below normal. Most areas will stay in the 50s to low 60s. The snow level be quite low with snow in the local mountains. The snow level will drop to 2000' to 2500'.
Naybe some morning showers on Monday but not a lot of rain and it really won’t disturb the workday. Monday night everything clears out. 
Tuesday we return to sunny but cooler temperatures. And that’s really the forecast for the week. There’s a weak system that will come in Thursday night and into Friday. It really shouldn’t affect our weather here but there may be a slight chance of some rain in northern SLO county. Saturday into Sunday it looks like another system will work its way towards us. No word on what that will do to us at this point.
As far as Lake Cachuma water level, we are at 98.4% and still continuing to rise very slightly. Lake Nacimiento is still at 86%. Just an incredible rise in Lake levels in a period of a month; amazing! Enjoy your cool Sunday. It’s a great day to watch football starting at noon. The Niners are playing the Eagles and I’m sure George’s house will be people yelling for every play the Niners do well. George I wish I could be there with you. Coming home soon.
               Have a great day

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Thanks for the nice job you did on my house. My tenant appreciated how considerate and efficient your team was and commented on the excellent job they did. My husband and I went up to inspect the job yesterday, and we were very pleased.
Ann Schied