By Jack Martin on Jan 28, 2023 at 11:37 PM

Good Saturday morning, 

It will be a quick report today because I have a busy morning. Today will be 5°  to 10° cooler than yesterday as offshore winds turn to onshore flow as a low pressure system begins to move towards us. The only real effect for today is that it will be cooler than yesterday; sunshine and some clouds drifting in this afternoon… by tonight, there should be some winds from the northwest nothing over the top. 

Sunday morning some areas will wake up to some light rain or drizzle. For the most part a dry day, cloudy and much colder. Temps will drop another 5° to 7° from Saturday.  Snow level will be at about 4000 feet by Sunday night. Sunday night into Monday morning the rain chances begin. This will not be a big storm. Looks like anywhere from 1/10 to 1/3 of an inch depending on where you’re at and it will be quite chilly. Snow levels Monday night will drop to 3000 feet or below. 

Tuesday things clear up and we should have a dry three days. Then on Friday a chance for another weak system coming through, but it appears that it will stay in northern areas of Santa Barbara and southern areas will stay dry. More to come on Sunday.

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