By Jack Martin on Jan 17, 2023 at 03:16 PM


It looks like mostly dry weather for the next 2 weeks. That is music to my ears.

Let’s start with the results of all this rain we have had over the past 4 weeks. Nacimiento is at 87% , Cachuma 90%. Rainfall for the year to date is 275% of normal.

San Marcos pass 48.26 inches for the year to date, 30.71 inches this month alone. Rainfall for the year countywide 111% which goes through October of 2023.

Just crazy numbers!

https://nrwmac.org/lake-levels/ , https://files.countyofsb.org/pwd/hydrology/Rainfall%20Reports/rainfallreport.pdf

What’s to come for the rest of this week, we all felt the winds blow hard last night. The skies are going to be so clear today. High-definition views

Today, a chilly start with some wind at 40 degrees in Santa Barbara and 39 degrees in Santa Ynez. It will be a chilly day with highs only in the 50s. Otherwise a nice sunny day.

Wednesday will be a great cooler day, sunny but chilly. Wednesday night an inside slider comes down the coast bringing a chance for rain.

This is moisture-starved, but there is still a 30% chance for ¼ of an inch or less of rain. Mainly over the mountains.

Thursday the chance of rain continues, but this will not be much of a storm, If any.

Friday, is sunny and clear after the winds of the inside slider. Still temps below normal, but warming each day.

Saturday, A Santa Ana event is back, with offshore winds. It will be warming into the low 60s, but not beach weather.

Sunday is more of the same.

Monday into next week, models can’t decide yet, but it will be dry. There will be an inside slider or high-pressure building.

It does look like we will have an extended period of dry weather allowing all our yards to dry out. They are like a sponge right now; you just sink as you walk on them.

As the sun returns just watch those mountains turn green, it is going to be a perfect photo opportunity.

Enjoy the dryer weather, but remember still something Wednesday night into Thursday.

Jack Martin

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Thank you for your great job on the gutter. Now, if it would only rain!
Ray Woolridge