By Jack Martin on Jan 11, 2023 at 02:50 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Wow, I had to stop and think what day it is because I have worked so many days in a row, I forgot the day.

It has been absolutely amazing with all the rain the past 3 weeks, and we have 1 more week of weather to battle.

Good news for southern California, we will see 2 dry days before the rain comes back. high pressure and offshore flow have been built-in for 2 days.

This is pushing the storm track to the north, but northern California and Oregon are still getting hammered https://zoom.earth/#view=37.2,-127.6,4z/map=live

The only rain that may fall will be on the central coast, where they may still see some rain today and tonight. For us dry conditions, but high clouds.

Thursday mid to high clouds will continue to stream over us as the ridge begins to break down, however, we will remain dry.

Friday the storm track will begin to drop towards us again, rain will start up Friday morning to the north, then afternoon for all.

This system again has subtropical flow with the atmospheric river connection. Nothing like Monday's rain, but 1 inch coastal to 3 more inches of rain in the hills.

If that’s not enough, there is another system from Sunday night through Tuesday. This one is not clear on timing or intensity but is wetter.

All of this wild weather has been fantastic for lake levels. It is absolutely amazing that lake Cachuma has gone from 30% at Christmas to over 80% today (and rising)

It is at 81% right now Dashboard (cosbpw.net)  It is also expected to spill before the end of the next 2 storms.


Jack Martin

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