By Jack Martin on Dec 19, 2022 at 11:59 PM

Good Monday morning,

Waking up in Santa Barbara it is 43 degrees, Here is Cabo 65, and in Seattle Washington it is snowing. https://zoom.earth/#view=35.7,-121.9,4z/map=live
This week with Christmas approaches and the last day of Hannukah it will start out chilly, with highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s in the valleys and coastal areas 40s.
The good news is by mid-week we are starting a warming trend through Christmas. It looks like Friday through Christmas there will be a Santa Ana event with the 70s for all. And some locations in LA hitting the 80 mark.

After Wednesday and through the rest of the week we will be around 70 degrees and climbing.
Where we won't see a white Christmas unless you go to the mountains. it will be a great Sunday to walk on the Beach.

enjoy the warming temps, I get back Tuesday afternoon.

Jack Martin

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