By Jack Martin on Dec 13, 2022 at 02:59 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

Take a look at all the blue across the country, that is snow ⛄️. 

The weather system that has affected our weather is moving across the country, bringing lots of snow.

The snow is still lingering in our mountains today, then moving East.

Today is quite a chilly start to the day, with frost on many roofs this morning.

Today will only rise into the 50s for highs, a good 8 to 12 degrees below normal.

Great news with the recent rains, our lake levels have all started to rise and we are county-wide 172% of normal for this time of year.

We just need to keep it coming! https://files.countyofsb.org/pwd/hydrology/Rainfall%20Reports/rainfallreport.pdf

 Unfortunately, it will not be this week, we are looking at dry conditions through the 22nd of December, but that’s ok.

We have had 2 wet weekends; a break will be nice this week. If you still shop in person, this will be a good weekend to do it.

Temps will rise very slowly this week, a few degrees each day. The once-wet weekend is now dry.

We can all dry out from the wet weather the past 2 weeks. Regarding the lake levels, the rise was best at Nacimiento moving from 18 to 25%.

locally Gibraltar is up to 58% and Cachuma is up less than 1%. Once Gibraltar spills all the mountain water will flow into Cachuma.

Enjoy the dry cold weather this week, it might be time for a Cabo run, soon 😊

Jack Martin

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