By Jack Martin on Nov 30, 2022 at 12:45 AM

Good Tuesday morning, 

One day closer to the rain, as we try to tighten up the forecast. 

We have 2 different systems that will affect us this week, likely Thursday through Sunday. The first is a warm front coming off the pacific with some subtropical moisture attached. The second is colder with less rain potential, but some downpours are possible. So let’s start with today. 


Today will be the warmest day of the week with a mild offshore wind and an overall nice day. 

Tonight and Wednesday colder air was going to bring us a chilly night, but models are backing off a little on the cold. It will still be chilly.

Wednesday the change starts. The exact timing of the rain is not 100%, because there might be some rain ahead of the front that can affect LA to Santa Barbara late Wednesday into Wednesday night. 20 to 30% chance.

Thursday is the day of the heaviest rain. Again the exact timing is Thursday morning into the later afternoon. When it does start it will produce good rain totals. 1 to 2 inches coastal, 4 inches in the mountains, and 5 inches on south-facing hills like Santa Barbara. This will also come with some south winds to enhance the rainfall and blow it from the southeast. Snow levels will be higher and above 6000 feet 

Friday showers then a break into Saturday. The timing again with the second system from the Pacific Northwest is Saturday night into Sunday. This is a colder system with not as much rain. Snow levels will drop with this system. Rain totals are not clear at this point. 

That’s the Latest update, Rick you might be saved for Saturday's rain but don’t give up the tent.

Enjoy the rain, it is time to turn off the sprinklers again 

Jack Martin

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