By Jack Martin on Aug 11, 2022 at 07:13 PM

Good Thursday morning,

I hope everyone is having a great week. Tonight we are in for a nice treat at sunset with the full moon.

This is the largest moon of 2022 and a supermoon called the sturgeon moon. https://video.foxnews.com/v/5664738472001#sp=show-clips

Last night we got a preview of the moon, which was spectacular.

I was at the beach with my granddaughter seeing it rise, it almost took up the entire Eastern skies.

Ed was on it last night also and got us a preview photo, but tonight is the night for the full moon.

This morning I saw the moon set through the palm trees over Campanil hill.

As far as the weather goes.

The weekend is creeping upon us, and it will be another perfect summer weekend.

In Santa Barbara, it will be a perfect 80 degrees during the day for the next 5 days and 60 at night.

If you like warmer, just drive over the San Marcos pass and go wine tasting where it will be 90 and 57 at night.

The only places in California to avoid are the deserts where it is 89 degrees in Palm Springs at 5 am with a high of 106 today.

Looking around the United States it is stormy in the southeast and Northeast https://zoom.earth/#view=30.9,-90.7,5z/map=live

otherwise summer is hot everywhere else. I am sure glad I reside in Santa Barbara.

Enjoy the summer weekend


Jack Martin

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Your crew and the entire staff of Action are great! Thanks so much for helping us out.
Gerry & Ann