By Jack Martin on Jul 20, 2022 at 08:13 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

Zoom earth is showing clear skies throughout the US except for a few areas. The entire west coast is clear except for some sub-tropical moisture trying to work its way up from Baja Mexico.

This should not affect us at all 

Today a shallow marine layer will burn off early and we will warm up into the 80s.

Thursday, a low-pressure system moves into the Pacific Northwest.

The only effect for us will be cooler coastal weather and a deeper marine layer. 

The weekend looks to be nice with cooler coastal temps high in the upper 70s, and valleys upper 80s. 

Next week, the models differ. Really, they only differ by whether we turn really hot again or stay cooler.

Other than that,  California will have typical summer weather.

Enjoy we are in the heart of the summer


Jack Martin

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