By Jack Martin on Mar 01, 2022 at 05:57 PM

Welcome to march, we can only hope that a change to the month will change the weather pattern. Today it will not. It will be summer-like with highs in the 80s for most.

Wednesday however is transition day. We will start to feel a change and go back to onshore flow.

Thursday now is looking more likely we will see a little rain. “stress little“.

A system to the north will bring light rain Thursday afternoon into Friday morning. This looks to only drop 1/10th to 1/4 of an inch at best. 

Friday a weak ridge, then Saturday another slight chance for rain. This will be another weak system with little rain, but colder air.

Next Monday we are back to high pressure and offshore winds. 

Sorry it is still not looking good for good rain totals 

Jack Martin

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Thank you for your great job on the gutter. Now, if it would only rain!
Ray Woolridge