By Jack Martin on Jan 18, 2022 at 05:55 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

The Cut-off low that has been pestering us for the last 5 days is now moved East. 

The rain finally came in the afternoon but did not produce much. The big winner was Refugio canyon with .28", everyone else was 1/10 or less.

Today and the rest of the week, into early next week it is all about dry weather again. 

Where we have seen very little rainfall since Christmas week, we are fast approaching a month with little rainfall. It is time to get us back on track. 

This will not happen this week, as high pressure and offshore flow build in again with sunny and warmer temps. 

Today we will see a warming trend with the mid-60s followed by warming temps Wednesday into Thursday. 

Friday the first offshore moves East then Saturday we welcome another warmer wind event.

It Looks like some 70s for all both Saturday and Sunday.

Next week the sunny and dry continues through at least Tuesday. 

Have a great day, and week. We will hope for a change next week 

Jack Martin

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