By Jack Martin on Jan 12, 2022 at 06:53 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

 Where do I start today? High pressure will give us a day to remember. https://zoom.earth/

  1. 59 degrees at 4:30 am in January. The East coast is having record lows with high in the teens. 
  2. If you live on the beach, you will hear the surf at 5:30 is a lot closer with a 5.3 high tide, however, we will be rewarded with a .02 low tide at 1:17 pm. 

You have my permission to take a late lunch and a beach walk 

  1. Today will be a warm day. Hot for most especially for winter. Highs will be in the upper 70 to low 80s with offshore winds. 

All of this tells you to get outside today and smell the warm air at the beach.

The forecast will remain good for at least the next 7 days. It does look like the cut-off low will behave and only bring us great sunrise and sunset photos starting Thursday. 

Thursday the clouds will come back into the picture, very similar to Monday. Offshore winds will weaken and some cooling. Highs, however, will still be above normal with low 70s for all. 

The weekend will continue with some clouds, highs still in the low 70s, and no rain. 

Next week, a slight chance for rain Monday, but not likely at this point. After that dry weather for the 7-day forecast. 

The rest of this week, high tides in the early morning hours and super low tides into afternoons with - 0.00 levels.

Perfect through the week to walk and observe the tide pools on the beach.

You will likely see Adam out there digging in the low tide pools at Hendry’s beach and me on my electric beach cruiser.

Lastly, the night times are going to be bright as the full moon grows the rest of the week. 

Enjoy the great weather the rest of the week.

This is way better than freezing temps, snow, rain in the rest of the country. 

Today will be the best day of the next 7 days.

Jack Martin

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Joe Sevilla