By Jack Martin on Oct 11, 2021 at 02:40 PM

Good Monday morning, 

What a fantastic Sunday it was. Santa Barbara hit 81 degrees and Sunstone vineyard was 89 degrees. Just a fantastic weekend. Today Columbus Day.  A day off for some, but not the construction industry. 

If you go outside you can feel the cool off shore dry wind. This is thanks to low pressure in Oregon dropping south over land. This is a colder system that will bring wind and colder air. Some valleys will almost see freezing temps tonight.

Santa Barbara will see winds with a high of 75. 


If you looked at the zoom earth weather map. You will see a tropical storm Pamela in the pacific, south of Baja. This will strengthen tonight and turn into a hurricane. It looks like it will brush Cabo, but head East into the coast.


Moving back home.

This week we will see on and off Santa Ana winds. These are cool winds, so temps will not rise as some Santa Ana events. We will be talking about Santa Ana winds, lots over the next 2 months as it is the season for these winds. “Spring and Fall.”

Temps this week will remain in the 70s along the coast and valleys. Nighttime will be chilly in the valleys with 30s. 

Enjoy the week, 

Jack Martin

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Thanks for the nice job you did on my house. My tenant appreciated how considerate and efficient your team was and commented on the excellent job they did. My husband and I went up to inspect the job yesterday, and we were very pleased.
Ann Schied