By Jack Martin on Sep 10, 2021 at 03:15 PM

Good Friday morning,

There is lots of Action north and south of us.

To the north, the good news is there is cooler weather and some rain in northern California helping the fires.

To the South, Cabo has taken a beating with Hurricane Olaf, now just to the north of Cabo. 

The internet is out there right now, so I will get some updates once it comes back, but it was looking very stormy yesterday.

Before the hurricane hit land, here are some photos attached:




This is how it looks from the sky: https://zoom.earth/ 

Back Home, we will just have great summer weather.

Santa Barbara will be perfect with highs around 80 each day, and lows in the upper 50s to low 60s. 

The ocean temp is a cool 64 degrees ( no hurricanes here.) Pearl will be very happy knowing that low tide will be 8:15 Saturday and 9:30 am of Sunday. 

We will need to do a beach morning. 

In the valleys it will be warm in the low 90s, cooling by next Tuesday into the upper 80s. 

Enjoy great September weather in California.

More Cabo photos from David on Saturday when the internet returns.  

Jack Martin

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Your crew was excellent and you trained them well. They were great to work with. We are so glad we chose you to do our roof.
Bill Naumann