By Jack Martin on Aug 30, 2021 at 10:11 PM

Good Monday morning, 

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Now it is back to work.

No real excitement in our weather this week.

Highs in SB will be in the mid 70s and valleys mid 80s starting Tuesday. 

Today will be the last hot day in the inland areas with 90s . Before a cool down on Tuesday 


As for the rest of the week, just nice weather for early September.

Yes September arrives on Wednesday and Labor Day a week away.

Where has the summer gone.

Good news is Southern California still has 2 more months of summer, just shorter days.

Looking into the tropical regions, hurricane Nora fizzled out as it landed along the Mexican coast in the Baja. This will work its way north into the Rockie mountains and bring them some heavy rain mid week. Ida has rocked Louisiana and is now a tropical storm, which will push east and move into the Atlantic as a tropical depression on Friday bringing new York, New Jersey and those folks heavy rain.

Have a great week !

Jack Martin

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Your crew and the entire staff of Action are great! Thanks so much for helping us out.
Gerry & Ann