By Jack Martin on Aug 13, 2021 at 02:36 PM

Good Friday the 13th,

I hope you are not superstitious. If you are, stay in bed.

Here is how the weather looks around the world. The mid west is having some real storms as indicated with the red. A few tropical systems in the Baja are drifting up towards us. With the first “Kevin” throwing some high clouds at us. On the east coast looks like the pan handle of Florida will see a tropical system creating excitement there.

And summer weather everywhere else with hot 🥵 temps through most of the US.


Back home, a little haze from the fire in NorCal and high clouds from Kevin will keep the full blue skies hazy. High pressure to our East over the Rockies is keeping the valleys warm this weekend. There is even an Eddy over Catalina this morning. 

All in all, a warm summer weekend in SoCal. 

Santa Barbara 


Santa Ynez        


Next week we have a few degrees of cooling in the beginning of the week, then warming by Thursday. Just typical summer weather.

Highs in the low 80s along the coast and 90 to 100 in the valleys.

Have a great weekend!

Jack Martin


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