By Jack Martin on Jul 22, 2021 at 04:30 PM

Good Thursday morning,

The month of July is flying by, and summer weather is in full swing.

The weather trends have remained the same all week, but we will start to see some slight cooling over the weekend.

Highs today and Friday will be 80 in Santa Barbara and 90in the valley.

As we progress into the weekend, we will see temps drop off each day with Monday being the coolest for the next 7 days.

Highs will be around 75 coastal and 80 in the valleys. The cool down will not last long.

A strong high-pressure system in the 4 corners sets up for Tuesday and Wednesday.

We will see temp trend upward into mid-week. All in all, I consider this perfect weather.

I had to share this Picture from Mark in Dexter NY. (Near the Canada border, and Rochester NY.)


 Just a fantastic lake view, Hi Mark hope life is great in retirement.  


Jack Martin

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Thank you for the good work. Let’s pray for rain so we can see that it works!
Adrianne Davis