By Jack Martin on Jun 23, 2021 at 06:21 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

I hope everyone is enjoying the longer days. For me, 5:43 am the daylight has arrived. Night time, I am waiting for the sunset.  

The winds last night cleared out the fog, but it is trying to come back in now.


Today, there is some fog out there. The most appears to be from Lompoc to Santa Ynez, we will see what happens in the next hour for SB.

Today, where fog does form, it will clear by noon. Overall, it will be a cooler day for all. Coastal to the valleys, highs in the low 70s SB.

Then upper 70s in the valleys. Tonight, the fog returns to most areas, but will burn off by noon Thursday.

Thursday, we do start the warm up withy northeast winds kicking in. High pressure will be building in and each day into the weekend will warm up.

By Saturday, the valleys will really feel the warmup with 90s for all, coastal will warm into the low 80s.

The warmth continues into the new work week through at least Tuesday. Expect some areas to hit the century mark.

Look at the ocean temps ticking upward, 64 degrees up, 3 degrees in a week.  


Enjoy the day!

Jack Martin

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Thank you. I am very pleased with my roof.
Dorothy Smith