By Jack Martin on Apr 13, 2021 at 03:28 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

We are Starting the day with fog throughout the coast and most valleys. 


This is thanks to low pressure to the north, bring onshore flow. 

Tonight and Wednesday, more of the same. Even some drizzle possible towards LA, cooler days in the 60s.

Thursday, we start to break out of the fog with some warming and more sun.

Friday more sun and slight warming.

The weekend is looking good now. Looks like warming.

Sunday and Monday off shore flow and warming temps coastal areas 70s and 80s.

Some valleys might see low 90s.

Enjoy the cooler temps and fog.

Get your appointments for your vaccine!

Goleta Valley still has appointments available for Wednesday and Thursday.

If you need help, email me and I will give you easy instructions to sign up. 

Jack Martin

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Thank you for your prompt response. I am so grateful for what you did. All through the following rain storms I was thanking you. This is what, in my mind, is an incredible business response. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lynn Matis