By Jack Martin on Mar 15, 2021 at 02:42 PM

Good damp Monday morning,

As we rise this morning, you will find damp streets. 

A weak low-pressure system has brought us rain as advertised overnight.

It is more like a Seattle rain, light and drizzly. My weather station has received 6/100th of an inch. This is right on target as we expected 1/10th of an inch to a max of 1/4th inch.


Rain this morning will quickly clear out and work it’s way south.

Rain has started in Ventura and will arrive in LA just in time for the commute.

This afternoon there is still a chance for showers, but mostly in the mountains and above point conception. Highs today will be in the 50s for most. SB might top 60, but for the most part a cool California day. Temps will be 7 to 15 degrees below normal. The wind late this afternoon will be the biggest factor with northwest wind 20 to 40 miles an hour, with mountain gusts to 55 miles an hour. Snow level is at 3500 feet, some light dusting is possible in our local mountains.

Tuesday through Friday we are looking at dry and some warming. By mid week we will see temps rise to normal for the first time in 2 weeks. 

Looking into the weekend, a weak front rolls in Friday night, but rain will stay in SLO with none south. We are looking to begin a dry spell Tuesday after a week of much needed rain.

Damp this morning, but only for the first few hours.

Have a great week!

Gauchos play Saturday and are a #12 seed. Pretty impressive for a mid major.

Jack Martin

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