By Jack Martin on Mar 11, 2021 at 04:53 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

What excitement we had last night in Santa Barbara. I do not remember ever seeing snow or hail that accumulated over 1/2 an inch. That was pretty amazing from Santa Barbara. If you missed it you can see it on my Instagram page, @action_jackk

Today that low pressure system has moved very slowly. It is still off the coast and will bring rain and snow in the form of showers today.


This morning it is quite cold everywhere. At my house (1 mile from the ocean) it is 39 degrees. We also had just over 2 inches of rain and snow yesterday at my weather station. Today expect rain and snow in the form of showers. Everyone should see another 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch today or 1 to 6 inches of snow in the mountains.


Tonight the system will finally move East and we will clear out rain chances here along the coast.

Some eastern portions of California could see a few showers. 

Friday looks to be dry, sunny, but chilly.

Saturday, nice with some warming but still highs will be below normal in the 60s.

Sunday another nice day, and we get an extra hour of sunlight and one less hour of sleep.

Turn your clocks ahead.

Next week, looks like an inside slider, which generally means no rain, just wind.

Models are still all over the board with this, so playing it safe with chance of rain.

Enjoy the rain and snow, when we do get the wet stuff in California it is always exciting.

Have a great day, don’t forget that warm jacket today.

Jack Martin


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