By Jack Martin on Mar 04, 2021 at 03:46 PM

Good Thursday morning,

Yesterday was an interesting day with chilly temps, wind and a little rain.

This was all created by the cut-off low, wobbling down the coast.

You might remember yesterday’s forecast saying the low was behaving well, then it had to test me by wobbling closer to us for a short time creating some rain.

All in all, we barely had much of a rain with totals of 1/100 to 5/100.

It did create some excitement for a product we have not seen in 5 weeks.

Today the low is over Nevada, far from us.  

Today and Friday we will see some warmth return, as high pressure and off shore winds return.

Today 6 to 12 degrees of warming and highs in the upper 60s.

Friday, one more nice day with 3 to 5 degrees of warming again. Some areas will see low 70s.

Saturday, we have the next low pressure system to cool us off again.

Rain chances will be as far south as SLO, for us only a mild sundowner wind event Saturday evening.

Sunday and Monday, we recover again with slight warming.

Tuesday into Wednesday, the next low pressure system arrives.

This will bring the low further south and give us a chance for rain.

Models are still not in agreement, with one calling for rain all the way into LA.

The one item models do agree on for next week will be quite cool all week, with highs just in the lower 60s. Later in the week we will have another impulse roll though. We will see what that will bring us, rain is possible.

Make your calendars, spring and daylight savings time is coming a week from Sunday.

Clocks ahead on Sunday the 14th. Day light will stick around till 7 pm.

Enjoy the warmer weather the next 2 days, because it will be absent from the forecast for the next week.

As always, have a great day 😊.

Jack Martin

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