By Jack Martin on Mar 02, 2021 at 06:49 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

There she is. The little cut off low spinning out in the Pacific. 

She is around 500 miles south west of SFO. 

This low pressure system will wobble south of us, then move East over Orange County and San Diego Wednesday afternoon. The only real affect it will have is temps will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler, on Wednesday.

Today, however, will be a great day. Temps will be well above normal with highs in the mid to upper 70s.

Wednesday, the low pressure system affects us, only with much cooler air. Highs will only be in the lower 60s. Rain chances are only likely in Orange County and San Diego area, and it will be less then 1/4 of an inch.

Thursday, the low moves east and we have high pressure building in. It will warm up 3 to 5 degrees.

Friday, no excitement. Just good weather as high pressure begins to break down.

Saturday, another weak system rolls down from the north. This also looks to die before it hits SB. Some rain in SLO Saturday, but not much. It will be cooler again in SB with temps dropping 5 to 8 degrees. The other long range model thinks it might make it further south, but the way the season has gone it is not looking good.

Sunday and Monday high pressure builds back in. Warmer days will prevail. 

Tuesday another weak system. The jury is still out on weather it will affect us.

Bottom line, it has not been a season for rain. 2 good storms and really nothing else in the past 3 months. Hang in there, there is always 2022. 

Have a great day, sunny and warm. A good day to be outdoors.

Jack Martin

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I wanted to thank you and the crew for the beautiful job. The quality of the work that was performed was outstanding and I am very pleased with the new roof.
Carolyn Hirsig