By Jack Martin on Feb 03, 2021 at 05:33 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

There is not a lot of excitement in our weather, other then dry conditions through the next week and beyond.

Today, a weak, almost non existent low is rolling through. This will do nothing more than give us some northwest winds this afternoon. 
Check out the new satellite view I found: https://zoom.earth/#view=33.2,-122,3.72z/date=2021-02-02,06:20,-8

Tonight and Thursday, the winds shift to the Northeast. Yes, another Santa Ana event. 

This one, however, will be fairly weak with just some 10 to 20 mile an hour winds Ventura and south.

Friday and Saturday are looking warmer and bringing us highs in the upper 60s to low 70s. This is about as good as it gets this time of year.

Almost beach weather.

Sunday, still a great day but slightly cooler. 

Monday and Tuesday, some additional cooling into the mid 60s, but no rain in sight.

Beyond, if you are looking for rain next week, it is not likely. Dry conditions look to prevail. 

The good news is days are now beginning to get longer, with day light hanging around till almost 6 pm. That’s nice!

Times for Santa Barbara, CA:

Sunrise at:

06:53 AM

Sunset at:

05:29 PM


Have a great day!

Jack Martin

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Thank you for the good work. Let’s pray for rain so we can see that it works!
Adrianne Davis