By Jack Martin on Jan 18, 2021 at 06:25 PM

Good Monday morning,

The incredible weekend in January is now behind us. Most of us are working, but others get a 3 day weekend thanks to Martin Luther King.

Today there is a low pressure system darting down the coast. This will spin right past us, giving only some high clouds. Temps will be in the lower 70s.


Tonight is when it gets interesting. A cold low pressure system over Nevada will combine with the system over Baja and produce a strong wind event to the south.

It looks like Ventura to LA will see the strongest winds. Some 60 to 70 miles and hour with gusts in the mountains to 80.

Needless to say it will be quite windy in Santa Ana wind prone areas. 

Here in SB really no real threat of wind. Just slightly cooler temps. 

The wind event exists on Wednesday, and leaves us with seasonable temps and dry weather. 

As we approach the weekend, another low pressure system to the north will move down the coast.

This could give us a chance for rain, but it is still not clear on how much or where. There will be a chance of rain Friday night and Saturday.

In the mean time, if you live in Santa Ana wind areas, get ready for a wild Tuesday.

Have a nice day and stay healthy, it is pretty rough out there right now.

Jack Martin

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Thank you for your great job on the gutter. Now, if it would only rain!
Ray Woolridge