By Jack Martin on Dec 14, 2020 at 04:46 PM

Good Monday morning,

It has been a typical La Niña pattern so far this rainy season. All the storm track has stayed well to the north, even NorCal has remained quite dry so far. 

Today we wake to another round of wind. The low pressure system that passed through yesterday  is now over Nevada.


Today will Bring us wind and cooler temps. Expect only low 60s today with wind https://www.weather.gov/lox/

Tonight, the winds shifts to Ventura, and we will start a gradual warm up with temps rising to normal for this time of year. Mid to upper 60s.

Wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. Highs in the upper 60s to low 70s.

Another storm system moves into north county Wednesday night and Thursday. 

This again will die out before it makes itself to SB, but areas north of Santa Ynez will see some rain.

For the weekend we reverse again and go to high pressure, with some warming.

It appears there are systems rolling through every few days, but fall short of producing rain.

It does appear the storm track might dip further south the beginning of next week, so we will have to see if this will bring our area any rain.

Looking ahead towards Christmas Day, it looks like we might see a nice warm up. OMG Christmas is 11 days away.

It certainly has not felt like the Christmas season with no Christmas parties and the lock down. Send that vaccine my way for Christmas. 

Just a quick story, way long ago I use to Waite tables in restaurants  and it was alway too busy to celebrate Christmas and New Years with the group I worked with.

Because of this, we use to celebrate Christmas and New Years in July. Maybe that’s what we will need for 2021. 

Have a nice week!

Jack Martin

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