By Jack Martin on Nov 10, 2020 at 03:34 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

The day light is less and less each day, which brings the chill back as soon as the sunsets.

Sunrise Today:
6:27 am↑ 111° Southeast
Sunset Today:
4:57 pm↑ 249° West

Today will be no different. Waking up in the Santa Inez Valley, it is a chilly 30 degrees. Here in SB warmer at 49,  but just down the hill on Las positas 42 degrees.

Lower elevations keep chill in the air longer. 

Today we will see the sun warm temps into the lower 60s, but it will be short lived when sunset arrives and we cool down again.

Looks like our forecast has little excitement with continued below normal temps and sunny days through Thursday.

Thursday night brings a light chance of rain, but models are backing off with 20% chance of 1/10 of an inch. A little highs in SLO, but not going to affect much of anything.

Slight warm up into the weekend. Looks like any chance for rain is being kicked down the road, until at least Wednesday of next week. 

High pressure and off shore event should arrive Sunday. Not a lot of Action on the weather front.

Stay warm, it's chilly out there this morning. I am looking for my gloves today 😊

Jack Martin

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Thank you for coming up to do the demo for the Career Fair at Los Prietos. All the boys were fascinated by the chance to see how sheet metal is formed, and to do some of it themselves. A hands-on demo is always the most effective in getting the boys involved. We really appreciate your arranging the demo, especially since you had already put so much energy into the talk and demo you did for the Construction Technology class. The teaching and Probation staff were all impressed by how involved the boys were in your demo.
Richard Anderson Instructor
Construction Technology Program Los Prietos Boys Camp