By Jack Martin on Nov 03, 2020 at 03:27 PM

Yes, this day has finally come. Election day, regardless of how you vote. I think everyone will agree we will be happy when political ads stop.


As I mentioned in the earlier forecast, we would have temps ranging from  the 70s to 90s this week.

The fog is still with us this morning. Today will be one of the 70s days, low 70s along the coast. Low 80s in the valleys.

I was emailing a manufacturer in Maine this morning, she said it was 25 degrees there. We have it pretty good…..

Starting on Wednesday we will see a nice warm up for all. High pressure and off shore winds will build in, bringing us 80s and 90s.

Thursday, will be the warmest day of the week. Just fantastic weather for the next 2 days.

Friday we reverse the warmth with the cold. We will see a colder system drop over our areas for 3 days. Highs Friday will remain in the low 70s, but Saturday.

We get the chill, highs along the coast will be in the low 60s and high 60s in the valleys.

Sunday even colder with valleys lows around 33 degrees and highs only in the lower 60s.

Monday we start a slight warm up.

Basically we have a little bit of everything this week, even a slight chance of rain over the mountains Sunday afternoon.

All in all we will take the weather in stride in Southern California.  

Have a great day, the reality shit show will start tonight.

Jack Martin

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Jack, Thank you for sending me a team that worked very well together, cleaned up in an excellent manner and produced an outstanding new-roof solution. Please do not hesitate to put our home on your list of places-to-show
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