By Jack Martin on Oct 22, 2020 at 02:44 PM

Good Thursday morning, 

It is wet out there this morning. The drizzle has dampened the streets and the marine layer is 3500 feet thick.

This will lead to a wet start to the day and likely no clearing. Also the wet streets are leading to accidents. 101 at Gaviota has 6 different accidents this morning, another one on the 154.

This pattern will continue into Friday where we should have another damp morning. Highs will be chilly with upper 60s along the coast and low 70s in the valleys. 

Wow what a difference a week makes when we were in the 90s to 100.

For the weekend we will remain foggy, cool and damp. The low pressure system moves in. This will likely produce some light amounts of wetness, but we’re talking 1/10th of an inch.  

This is not much to talk about, but it is telling us the rainy season is coming.

Sunday will give us the best chance for light rain, coastal foothills are the most likely to see this. 

Next week we will see the onshore flow turn to off shore. This will create a Santa Ana wind event Tuesday and Wednesday.

At this point we are looking at some stronger winds from Ventura south. Temps, however, will climb some, but stay relatively low for Santa Ana conditions. Really 70s and 80s will be the highs. 

Santa Barbara will not feel the winds, it will remain in the 70s to low 80s. 

As we can all see and feel the changes in the air, fall is upon us. 

Enjoy, the cooler weather. 

Watch out while driving this morning. Oil on the roads and wet streets are leading to accidents.

Jack Martin

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