By Jack Martin on Oct 21, 2020 at 03:08 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

So much for the sunshine and warmer days.

Fall is officially here, last night I even turned on my fireplace for the first time in 6 months. 

Where chill was in the air here, the Dodgers were heating it up against Tampa.

Today we have another cooler day. With fog and highs barely to 70s: 

The valleys are starting with fog also, this will lead to upper 70s for them.

The cooling trend continues through the weekend. Thursday should be a lot like today.

Then Friday we could see some drizzle or even light rain into Saturday morning.

Chances of light rain is looking a little more Bullish, but regardless if it comes, it will be 1/10th of a inch and at 30% chance.

The best chance for rain is really in LA on Saturday.

The weekend overall will be cooler. 

Next week we are looking at a strong Santa Ana wind event, Tuesday into Wednesday.

Looks like 70s and 80s, but more importantly is the strong winds that will come with it.

More of that to come.

As we fastly approach Halloween, this tradition brings us our first 1/4 inch of rain.

I don’t think COVID can stop this event, but we will see. 

Enjoy the cooler Temps.

Jack Martin

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